Our Story

Enrique and Patricia Rodriguez-Pastor, originally from Lima (Peru), founder-owners, dreamed of producing the finest garments that this traditional country could offer and make them known to the world. Luckily for them, Peru has two special yarns, Alpaca and Pima Cotton, both uniquely related to their nation's rich cultural history, and with tremendous potential.

From the early 80's and 90's, while still in Lima, and inspired by their growing family, Enrique and Patricia started “Rodmen Export”, a small Alpaca sweater factory that managed to sell to the best Lima specialty boutiques for some 4-5 years, as well as to a few stores in the US, some of which continue to buy from Enrique (such as Paul Stuart, Peter Elliot, Andover Shop, Enson's, Ed Archer and Family Britches, among some fifty others from those "old" days). No reps, no warehouses (except their own house!)... just Enrique traveling everywhere, trying to convince small store owners that this enthusiastic Peruvian couple meant business, absolutely loved their sweaters and were here to stay!

Well, after over 25 years of dreaming, hustling, being extremely persistent, and feeling like true ambassadors of their beloved Peru, Enrique and Patricia have managed to bring to the US, where they now live, the best of what Peru can offer in Baby Alpaca, Premium Royal Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton, and even some Vicuna, in either sweaters, polo shirts and, lately, even some fine Baby Alpaca jackets and Peccary gloves.

All their garments are classic in style and exclusively high end. Enrique and Patty firmly believe that their products have absolutely no competition whatsoever, and it will be up to you, friends, to test this and hopefully confirm it. Enrique and Patricia stand 100% behind their products.

Check out the wide array of styles and colors, and enjoy!

Our Products

Alpaca Fiber

Alpacas have one of the finest and most appreciated fibers due to their unique characteristics. You may be aware that Alpaca garments can be found in many different places and that there are various qualities of its fiber. There are numerous types of Alpaca fibers of varying quality. However, we work solely with the three highest qualities:

Premium Royal Alpaca fiber (less than 20.0 microns) represents 1-3% of total yarn sheared from the young adult alpacas

Baby Alpaca fiber (20.0-22.9 microns) represents 10% of total yarn sheared from the young adult alpacas

Superfine Regular Alpaca (23.0-25.0 microns)


Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, followed by the southwestern United States and Australia. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton and is extremely durable and absorbent. This type of cotton is named after the Pima, a group of Native Americans who first cultivated the plant in the U.S., though preceded by its original cultivation in Peru.

This type of cotton bears some similarity to many forms of Egyptian cotton, which is frequently used in towels and sheets. Egyptian cotton has a much more extensive weave than other types of cotton. Pima cotton is a little shorter than Egyptian cotton but still yields a thread that can be woven multiple times into a piece of fabric to create a dense, soft fabric.